Monday, August 08, 2011

Texas secedes from the Union

TEXAS secedes from the Union and become an Independent State

If this was the headline of all the major newspapers, Texans would rejoice (especially in this economic environment).  However, this is in reference to the school in Austin and not the capitol in Austin. 
The University of Texas is meticulously putting in place the ability to become an Independent in College Football.  They have the money, the geographical home footprint and the extensive national alumni base to pull this off.  All Texas A&M and the rest of the Big 12 (minus 2) did last summer by agreeing to stay together, was subsidize Texas’ secession plan, give them time to establish the Longhorn Network and figure out what they are going to do for all the other sports.

This is the 21st Century (note: In the day and age of DVR and TiVo, live sports are the most valuable of all programs).  Let’s not point fingers and shame Texas.  They are doing what only a few schools could pull off and many other wish they could.  Florida State, Penn State, Miami – some of the last big Independents to join a conference would not be able to do what Texas is doing.  The Utah’s, Boise State’s and Tulane’s of the world are really the ones herding the big boys to create a separate league.  By demanding to have a seat at the big boy table and going to Congress to make it happen is really what is causing this to happen.  Why does the BCS/Major Conference not want a Playoff?  Because they would have to share the money, plain and simple.   Their partnership’s with the Bowls and the BCS keeps the money where it belongs, with the schools that are bringing the eyeballs to the televisions.  The smaller school better be careful or the big boys will take their Basketball programs with them and the NCAA would be in real trouble.

Texas was smart to partner with ESPN in creating their new television network.  ESPN is partners with the SEC, has a long term agreements with the ACC.  They have all the Big Ten (+2)/SEC Bowl games as well as an agreement for the Big 10 regular season games.  Where am I going with this?  Texas will not get squeezed out of some new Super League (expansion would create PAC 16, SEC 16, BIG 16, ACC/Big East combo + Notre Dame, Texas and maybe even BYU).  Why, because ESPN will not let that happen to their investment. 
ESPN may actually be the saving grace to all the smaller schools and traditionalists.  By having this fractioned environment, it is cost beneficial to the World Wide Leader.  Everyone has seen the models of what a college football playoff would pay out and therefore what they could demand in television rights fees.  Keeping it status quo actually helps ESPN.  The SEC negotiated their TV rights a few years ago and set the bar and they should since they have the most rabid, insane fan base that watches every little thing on every medium.  Since then their contracts have been equaled or exceeded by rival conferences.  Adding another school(s) will reopen those negotiations and will no doubt be the largest college contract.

Texas AD Deloss Dodds has stated that Texas will not go Independent on his watch.  Of course they will not.  Why should they when UT gets a majority of the revenue from the Big 12 (minus 2), plus the revenue from the Longhorn Network?  They just need to sit back and wait until A&M or Oklahoma get sick and tired of eating the scraps and leave.  All he has to say is “We have been left no choice, the University of Texas is an Independent.”  And he can walk off the stage in his white hat cowboy hat.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

ESPN - The 800 lbs. Gorilla

Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN 
I wrote this to Clay Travis and his new websiteand he posted it in his mailbag.  I thought this was a good way to get the ol'blog up and running with only 4 Saturday's left before kick-off.

What happened to the ESPN we grew up with?  The ESPN that we would stay up to watch the 11 o'clock SportsCenter (there wasn't a Baseball Tonight) to see the highlights from the baseball games and get the latest sport news while those Corporate news channels were giving only 3 minutes.  Watching Dan Patrick, Bob Ley, Keith Olbermann, Craig Kilborn, Charley Steiner and many many others was so much better than the stiffs on the other channels.

Now ESPN is the 800 lbs. Corporate gorilla.  Now players/schools/teams are scared to say anything bad about ESPN for fear of being boycotted by ESPN (see a Southern California's college players quote about not wanting to support Bruce Feldman).  Seriously, I want to know the dirt Craig James has on the ESPN brass.

Notice the lack of coverage with regards to SEC Expansion (they sure don't want to re-open those TV negotiations) or anything having to do with Mike Leach (Swing Your Sword: Leading the Charge in Football and Life).  They have a love affair with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and NY Mets (why? ratings of course!).  ESPN couldn't show enough coverage of Cam Newton last year and yet they were the last to get on the Ohio State train and I have yet to see them say one bit about the current happenings in T-Town.

The problem is, everyone is scared about saying anything bad about ESPN or not signing with ESPN as then ESPN will shut of the PR machine, No College Gameday visits, No highlights on SportsCenter, No analysis on Pardon the Interruption, it goes on and on.  The NHL is having a slow and painful death in the country because of the lack of coverage provided by ESPN - hell teams are moving back to Canada!

We have help create a Marxist state called ESPN.  You will like only what ESPN likes.  You will watch only what ESPN has on their family of networks.  You will support only the sports ESPN endorses.

We need to find and support a competitor.

Next post will be on the SEC Expansion, Texas A&M and why ESPN will not allow this to happen.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Don't Blame Terrell Pryor - Blame the Adults running The Program

Leave Terrelle Pryor alone.

Yes he broke the rules. Yes he acted like an entitled brat. No, he didn’t take down THE Ohio State University. University President E. Gordon Gee, Athletic Director Gene Smith and Head Football Coach Jim Tressel handled that quite well.

Gordon Gee is such an easy target. He got rid of the Athletic Department while President at Vanderbilt. He believed that the Athletic Department shouldn’t be bigger than the University. His comment “I hope he (Tressel) doesn’t get rid of me” will be his own personal downfall.

Gene Smith - where was the oversight? This is turning out not to be a football only problem. And supposedly everyone in Columbus knew what was going on. Seriously, your star football player is driving a new car every 6 months. Please remove your head from the sand (or another orifice three feet below your head)

Jim Tressel – number one rule with the NCAA is… (hint ask Bruce Pearl). DO NOT LIE. By signing the document in December that you had no prior knowledge, you signed your own death warrant. Compound that by a history of looking the other way and you sir are the main reason this ship is sinking. And for your “piece de resistance“ you resign on Memorial Day. Coward.

Terrell Pryor did what you or any other 18 year old would do. Ohio State Football made over $64 million dollars last year. Coach Tressel made $3.5 million. Pryor’s jerseys (and replica t-shirts) are the top selling item on campus. How much of that $64 million do you think he contributed? And how much did he get? Don’t tell me he got a free ride. Even four years of scholarship at Ohio State (est. $45,000 in state) doesn’t compare with the $64 MILLION dollars Ohio State football raked in last year.

The system is broken.

We should pay players. We should pay them the actually cost of going to school. Give them a little spending money. Plus a bonus, when they graduate (isn’t that why they are there in the first place?). The problem is Title IX and other laws require that it be equal across the board. Sorry folks, but the star QB at State U is bringing more $$$ to the school than the #1 player on the Golf team.

We should penalize the Coaches, not the players and especially not the players left behind (think USC).

If Congress wants to butt into college football so badly, why don’t they create a nice fat law making it illegal to pay a player or solicit a player’s services?

We are talking about 17-22 year old kids. Too many adults, who know better and have deep pockets (or are trying to fill their own) are taking advantage of them.

Bob Knight even thinks the rule is “stupid”. Here is a great example – Let’s say your dear sweet Aunt Helen gives you a nice cable knit sweater for Christmas. You live in Florida and will probably wear that sweater one day a year. You put on eBay and make $50 to take your girlfriend to dinner. If an NCAA Athlete does that with a Jersey they receive from a school they are in violation (but they can sell away after they leave school).

Quit going after the kids and start going after the adults.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Football Time is Almost Here!!!

99 days till football is here,

99 days are left…

Well folks it is 99 days until the start of the College Football Season. And unlike our friends who play on Sundays, we can honestly say we will have football in 99 days. The College Football experience will replace NFL corporate show. You will see kids make amazing plays, heart breaking mistakes, sing college fight songs and cheers. You will see families at the games and tailgates.  You will not see the "No Fun League" playing their brand of corporate football.

The TV Executives knew what they were doing when they threw all that cash at the BCS Conferences. The Brinks trucks are headed to their doors. College Football was the second most watched sport next to the National Football League. After this fall, the gap will be narrowed.

So while the NFL blowhards get to watch the Network's NFL Talking Heads sound more like MSNBC Anchors discussing the economics of the situation and labor talks; the College Stadiums will be filled with kids and families and ESPN College Gameday just got even bigger.

99 days till opening day!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bin Laden - Questions

I've waited a couple of days to let everything settle down, both emotionally and in the press.  9/11 changed things for everyone.  I thought of my friend Rob Hahn and the recollection of that day he shared this past 9/11.  I thought of the men and women who died by Bid Laden's orders.  I thought of the men I know in Special Forces and wondered if they were part of the mission (it latter came out it was Navy SEALS who took him down).  I thought of all the money we have spent on security, how it has forever changed our lives and wondered if that money would have gone to our education system.  Which in turn started me asking myself more questions: 

Is it over? No.  While we "cut off the head" someone will take his place. 

Should we celebrate his death?  I'm still up in the air about this one.  I think we should remember those who died by his hand and those who have sacrificed trying to find him.  We should also celebrate what it means to be an American and honor those who continually put themselves in harm's way so that we may enjoy those freedoms.  But at the same time got goose bumps and a huge sense of pride while watching the Philadelphia Phillies fans breakout in chants of "U-S-A, U-S-A" as news of his death made it through the ballpark.

Should the Government should his dead picture? No, don't glorify or give the enemy any ammo against us.  However, I think you should show the picture and evidence of his death to a small independent group of trusted media members and let them confirm to the public.  Until you do something, the conspiracy folks will not rest.

Does it matter that we killed an unarmed man? NO.  Nothing good would have come from his capture.  Civil unrest in the Middle East, possible attacks on US soil, the costs to hold him and try him....  If the Government would just provide proof of Death, this chapter would be officially closed.

Should we leave the Middle East?  Bin Laden's dead, Saddam is dead, we've been messing around with Gaddfafi since the 80's so...

What are we doing there?   If we leave what would happen?

I can only go but what I've heard and read about what happend when the US beat the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics.  The US economy was crap, consumer confidence was down, gas prices and inflation were up and pride in the Red, White & Blue was at an all time low.  And then we beat the Russians!  Some say that was the beginning of "come back" so to speak.

Well the US economy is in the crapper, consumer confidence is way down, gas prices and inflation are WAY up ($65 to fill up my 17 gallon tank) there is still great pride in the Red, White & Blue - but confidence in our leaders and Government is at an all time low.  Our Education system is really in crapper.  So I guess the most important question that needs to be answered is:

Will his death be the wake-up call this country so desprately needs?